Welcome to the Yorkshire Union of Law Societies website . We offer support and representation  and for our Societies and their Members who are Solicitors or Trainees across Yorkshire and Humberside . Together the Yorkshire Union of Law Societies represents a strong voice for our members , it is the voice of the Yorkshire Legal Profession

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Our upcoming events including the Yorkshire unions own events and the activities of our member societies including training

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We regularly seek our members views on important changes to practice , procedure or the law . Please access the latest consultations here

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As we continue to grapple as a society with Coronavirus , we are now starting to see  guidance being issued to the legal profession over how to respond although much more will and needs to be issued as the virus continues to increase its effects in the United Kingdom .

Announcements are coming very quickly and we now have confirmation that the Court estate is being changed with operational courts and staffed courts which will not be open to the public . THe Court system is promoting social distancing wherever possible but it is clear that there are signficant challenges .

This site now has a dedicated page on the Virus so we can continue to give you Law Society and other relevant guidance . We have also set below A Tabbed Guide to current arrangements in our societies areas . This is dependent on input form each society as things change .

In the meantime take sensible precautions to protect yourselves and those whom you act in a professional capacity .

For more guidance follow this link https://www.lawsociety.org.uk/support-services/advice/articles/coronavirus-advice-and-updates/



On 12th March the AGM was held attended by special guest Simon Davis National Law Society President . At the end of the AGM Natalie Cosgrove was elected as our Incoming President and Andrea Pashley from Doncaster & District Law Society was elected as the incoming Vice President . Diane Parker was re-elected as Honorary Secretary and Fiona Mullane remains as Honorary Treasurer . In accordance with the constitution the new office holders take office at our June Meeting when David Barraclough hands over the reigns of office . At the AGM the new Yorkshire Union Website was launched .