Peter Wright




Peter is a Solicitor and leading expert in Data Protection, Cyber Security regulation and Social Media Law. As Managing Director of Digital Law, he advises clients across US, Europe, Middle East and Asia. He is Chair of the Law Society’s GDPR Working Group as well as Chairing the Policy and Regulatory Affairs Committee and is a member of the Law Society Board. He is also author of the law Society Cyber Security Toolkit and has also co-authored a GDPR compliance toolkit for law firms.


Peter was first elected to the Law Society Council in 2005 and became Council Member for Yorkshire in 2009. He has been a guest lecturer with the European Law Students Association (ELSA) since 2016 and has taught at summer law schools in Trieste, Poznan, Prague and Kharkiv, Ukraine as well as speaking at their International Council meetings.


A sought-after speaker, Peter presented at numerous conferences and events including the British Legal Technology Forum, the European Legal Cyber Security Forum, the London Law Expo and the Nordic Privacy Arena and at other conferences and events across Europe.