Yorkshire Council Members Newsletter June 2021
Nick Emmerson Peter Wright David Barraclough Mark Newby

This is our first email newsletter and we hope that this will help keep you up to date with what we are doing on your behalf as Yorkshire Council Members and importantly what is happening in Yorkshire .


Each issue a different Council Member will guest edit this newsletter from our Council Members :

- David Barraclough

- Nick Emmerson

- Mark Newby

- Peter Wright


This edition is edited by Mark Newby


About Mark - Mark Newby is a Solicitor Advocate and Principal Member of QualitySolicitor Jordans LLP in Doncaster . He specialises in miscarriages of justice and complex litigation .


Mark is a Past President of Doncaster Law Society and instrumental in getting this society going again , he subsequently supported David Barraclough and Peter Wright in getting the Yorkshire Union of Law Societies moving forward and designed and maintains the YU Website .


As well as being a busy Council Member , mark also sits on the Criminal Law Committee and Scrutiny Performance & Review Committee .


Mark's Council Seat is up for election this year and he will be re-standing hoping to continue his strong support of Yorkshire Solicitors . Mark was recently elected to be the future Chairman of the Scrutiny , Performance and Review Committee which is the key committee which holds the Executive to account and he can take up office in October provided he is re-elected to the Council .


For anyone interested the Council Election Process is to be found here : https://www.lawsociety.org.uk/topics/news-articles/preliminary-notice-of-council-elections-2021




This has been an unrivaled period of change in the Law Society and throughout this period we have worked hard to support and promote our "yorkshire union " .


The Law Society had performed well in supporting members during "Covid" but dealing with the immediate crisis was only half of the battle and we now face a challenging period when members and their firms must look to the future and be supported in finding an effective way to move forward in a post lock down world . We will be ensuring that the Law Society does its bit to ensure that all solicitors can get support with regard to the inevitable changes that will follow .


Of course not every decision made by the Law Society has been so well received and we were all concerned over the loss of our excellent Regional Management Team in Yorkshire .


The points have been well made over this and we are now concentrating on the solutions now being offered by the Law Society and several of your Societies will now have had a direct engagement with member services at the law society with a promise of a dedicated plan to help support you  working along side your Council Members . We will all be carefully watching how this progresses to make sure that you are delivered a solution that helps your society to proposer .


We will need to be robust in protecting and ensuring the delivery of an adequate legal aid funding stream for the future as well as ensuring that resolving the crisis in the justice system is not done at the expense of our members and their lives . In that context there is an ongoing review into Criminal Legal Aid and I would encourage you to participate and we are running an event for Yorkshire Solicitors who can speak to the Chair of the Review Panel Sir Christopher Bellamy directly .


We have seen recent interventions showing that the Law Society is aware of the needs to protect our members and you can read below the latest on the SIF Crisis and the work the Society has done which has helped secure a 12 month delay to the closure of SIF whilst a more viable longer term resolution is sought .


We have as a Council recently been through a governance reform and we will continue to carefully scrutinise the way in which our new governance structure operates .


I am lucky to serve on the Scrutiny , Performance and Review Committee which has responsibility for reviewing and monitoring decison making processes in the Law Society . This is a vital committee and will be fully engaged in ensuring the right approach is taken in the years ahead with not only good governance but governance that delivers the right outcomes for our members .


I have been fortunate to be elected to chair this committee from October if I am also successful in securing election to serve as your council member for a further 4 years . It would be an honour to do so and would allow me to continue to further and promote the interests of all Yorkshire Solicitors .


In the meantime at this pivotal moment I stand ready to do anything I can do to serve your Societies and members




Mark Newby



Put Your Events into the Yorkshire Union Calendar of Events

Following updates to our website [ www.yorkshireunion.org.uk ] it is now possible for you to enter the individual events for your Law Society .


Then follow this link to go to your community home page and start entering your events [ https://yorkshireunion.org.uk/events/community/add]


You can add events , edit or delete them and you will be able to keep track with a list of events you have created . It is the perfect way to publicise your events .

Two of our own Yorkshire Council Members Seek DVP Role

It has been announced that there will be a 6 horse race for the vacant Deputy Vice President Vacancy at the Law Society . The Vacancy arose following David Greene having to step down as President early .


As a result the candidates now standing are :


  • Sundeep Bhatia
  • Brett Dixon
  • Nick Emmerson
  • Denise Lester
  • Laura Uberoi
  • Peter Wright

Both Nick and Peter have previously stood before and we shall be looking forward to hearing in Yorkshire as to what they hope to achieve if elected .

Whilst the electorate is the Law Society Council you can still be involved and let us know your views on the candidates . Clearly we all hope to see a Yorkshire President of the law Society soon but in any event wish all the candidates well .

June Edition of the Leeds & Yorkshire Lawyer
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And Finally ........

We hope you found this first edition useful , if there is content you would like us to cover in the next edition let us know . Equally if you have any issues I or my fellow Law Society Council Members can assist you with then please get in touch we are here to support you .


Finally if you have a forthcoming event or meeting you would like us to support then please do get in touch and let us know



01302 365374 or 07768556070


Or Contact Any Council Member by following this link https://yorkshireunion.org.uk/council-members-corner/



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